The many benefits of a design and construct package

At Box&Co, we’ve spent decades offering clients a design and construct service that doesn’t just deliver outstanding results – it also offers exemplary peace of mind at every stage of the project.

Combining a buildable, practical design with financial clarity and control, we work closely with clients from day one of all our design and construct projects. In fact, we’re able to offer these clients a guarantee on price, whilst also designing inherently practical spaces – as both build and design experts, we consider function as much as form, and aim for swift, manageable timelines. Over the years we’ve offered this highly effective and efficient service to both public and private clients, and have seen the myriad of benefits that come from providing a genuine end-to-end service.

Offering a design and construct service means we can avoid the potential issue of architects and builders working in silos – something that can lead to miscommunication, mistakes and project scope-creep. Instead, the design and build elements of the project work hand-in hand –ensuring a cohesive outcome, with no surprises along the way. At Box&Co, we provide a highly experienced Project/Design manager for the entirety of the project – one reliable and well-informed central point of contact, who coordinates all roles and responsibilities throughout the build and keeps lines of communication flowing on a daily basis.

In terms of the building design, it can be hugely beneficial to have construction experts heavily involved from the very start of the project – ensuring the designs that are produced are achievable, meet the client’s end-goals, and correctly and efficiently use every inch of available space. As construction experts, we’re also acutely aware of council requirements and regulations, as well as the demands of the local market, and can deftly tailor designs accordingly.

In any construction project, large or small, the best time to tweak a design is at the start of the project – no one wants to have to make costly and time-consuming changes once elements of the build are nearing completion. Having a construction team fulfilling a hands-on role from the beginning means original timelines and budgets can be carefully adhered to – again, giving clients that all-important peace of mind.

Finally, design and construct is also an ideal option when a project is driven primarily by financial decisions, rather than those driven by emotion. For investors who don’t plan to live in a property, choosing a design and construct model is the perfect way of ensuring a project doesn’t go over budget whilst obtaining exactly what they need to attract tenants. For business clients, who view construction projects through a commercial lens, design and construct makes for a pain-free, accurate and reliable process, with no costly or time-consuming curveballs along the way.

At Box&Co, our design and construct offering means we nail the brief, design and buildability from the very beginning of a project – leading to consistently happy clients, who all benefit from the peace of mind and simplicity it offers.