Food and beverage construction

The Box&Co team are the industry-leading experts in food and beverage construction projects

For three generations, Box&Co has set the standard for the building industry in food and beverage construction projects. With a finely honed understanding of what makes a construction project in the food and beverage industry so unique, our team rises to the challenges each and every time – delivering projects on time, on budget and to the highest possible standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Within a live food and beverage environment there are many moving parts, and all food and beverage construction work has to be carried out with the utmost care and attention to detail – something that happens as standard across all Box&Co projects, and harks back to the very beginnings of our company and our founder, Joseph Box. Along with our grandfather’s commitment to ethics and safety, we retain his laser-sharp focus on delivering projects of the highest possible standard, right across the board.

As food and beverage construction experts, we understand the need for our clients to retain a fully operational working environment during the entire project, and go to great lengths to ensure the minimal possible disruption to their business. Knowing how crucial it is to ensure absolutely no contamination of food and beverage products, we employ tried-and-tested methodologies to deliver the best possible outcome for each and every client.

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    Product Categories

    When it comes to food and beverage construction projects, Box&Co provides outstanding services to clients across a wide variety of industries.

    • Beverages
    • Breweries and spirits
    • Canned soup and vegetables
    • Coffee and tea
    • Cold Storage
    • Confectionery
    • Fast food outlets
    • Food Distribution Warehouses
    • Frozen
    • Meat processing
    • Pet foods

    Food and Beverage Construction –
    the Ultimate Complex Live Environment

    Box&Co comprises a team of highly skilled individuals who have amassed
    years of experience working in a wide variety of complex live environments
    within the food and beverage industry. Conscious of the costs incurred when a
    client’s business is interrupted, we prioritise keeping any disruption to an
    absolute minimum – working around the clock to ensure we complete work at
    the best possible time and within the optimum parameters for our client.

    For decades, Box&Co has been seen to set the industry benchmark for food
    and beverage construction projects within complex live environments. We’ve
    honed a methodology that lets us perform our work quickly, efficiently and to
    the rigorous standards that led to us being hailed as leaders in the field of food
    and beverage construction across Brisbane and South East Queensland.

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    Food and Beverage Construction Recent Projects

    Food and beverage construction – design
    and construct services

    Box&Co has completed many food and beverage construction projects that involved us
    undertaking a design and construct service across a broad range of sectors. Delivering a
    highly practical design alongside full client cost control and outstanding
    communication as standard, our design and construct service for food and beverage
    construction projects is something that appeals to high profile clients right across Brisbane
    and South East Queensland.

    Focussing on both design and buildability from the outset saves huge costs for food and
    beverage construction projects over the course of the build, and is one of the reasons
    Box&Co is awarded food and beverage construction project contracts, time and time again.
    The Box&Co team bring to their roles a wealth of experience, both in Australia and
    internationally, and understand the design and construct needs of food and beverage
    construction projects. With a highly unique and incentive-based design and construct
    procurement method, we work closely with clients within a guaranteed maximum price –
    meaning we deliver true peace of mind alongside an outstanding food and beverage
    construction project.

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