Our History

Decades of Building Excellence

The Box&Co story isn’t just that of a construction company. It’s the story of a
family – three generations of master builders with their roots in the very
beginnings of Queensland’s construction industry.

Joseph Stanley “Joe” Box – grandfather of current Box&Co owners Simon and Jeremy – was an old-school builder who started his career with an apprenticeship in cabinet-making. In 1943, having gained experience working for the Civil Construction Corps during the early stages of the war, he fulfilled his ambition of starting his own building company – J.S. Box & Co. Together with other notable names on the burgeoning Brisbane construction scene – Hutchinson, Pigeon et al – Joe Box was instrumental in establishing an industry that’s shaped the very landscape of Brisbane and South-East Queensland. With a focus on the wellbeing of the industry, he was a founding member of the early days of the licensing authority – what’s now known as Queensland Building and Construction (QBCC) – and received the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Medal for outstanding service to industry and community.

Passing the reins on to his sons Geoff and Joseph Jr during the 1960s, the business evolved into G&J Box – a name that continued to be a leading voice in construction, with Geoff Box serving as vice-president of the Queensland Master Builders Association and pioneering the establishment of builder apprenticeships across the state. Receiving four major industry awards in the 1990s alone, G&J Box set new benchmarks for building excellence within the industry.

As the company continued to grow as a respected leader, so to did the family tree – with the present day incarnation of Box&Co now helmed by Joe Box Sr’s grandsons, Simon and Jeremy Box, along with partner Peter McRobbie. The team has built on its existing expertise in complex building projects, successfully completing high-profile projects for a wide variety of well-known clients. Hugely proud of their family business and determined to continue their predecessors’ commitment to quality, professionalism and leadership, Simon, Jeremy and Peter have continued to prioritise Box&Co’s legacy of delivering outstanding ethical construction across Queensland.