Skylight replacement

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC)

Brisbane Airport



The challenge

This was Box&Co’s fourth time collaborating with BAC, the largest contract with BAC yet, and the second project that involved working air-side as well as on the ground. Our brief was to replace the huge skylight that snakes across the curves of Brisbane’s Domestic Terminal.

Not without its hurdles, the project was unique due to the shape of the barrel-vaulted roof, which raised access issues. A major challenge of the project was public safety, in a 24-hour live environment working over terminal areas inside operational hours. Adding to these difficulties was the question of supply, labour and logistics in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The solution

The 10-week project operated night and day, with all demolition and installation done after dark while the roof flashings and scaffold jumps were completed during the day. Crane lifts managed from airside solved the problem of access, although this meant our team had to take extra precautions in terms of safety.

  • Demolition of existing structure
  • Installation of new structure

The Outcome

This was a successful project in terms of both safety and execution, because from the outset everyone was aware of the logistical issues involved. Each logistical challenge was broken down until a solution was developed, reviewed, tested and put into play. This was possible due to excellent collaboration and cooperation between BAC and Box&Co. When things didn’t go as planned, our team was able to quickly adapt and evolve on the journey.

One of our KPIs was how we could use this project to help keep the domestic economy going in the midst of a pandemic, and we were proud to deliver the project using 90% local suppliers and 100% local labour.