A Driven Team

Sharing the family’s passion for construction and head for management, Jeremy ensures Box&Co’s clients receive exceptional service.

Jeremy Box

Director Innovation and Business Systems

Jeremy Box is the Innovation and Business Systems Director at Box & Co Pty Ltd. As co -founder with his brother Simon, Jeremy has played an integral role in helping to grow the business from a small start-up into one of Queensland’s leading companies. During the last 25 years, Jeremy has taken on a range of roles within Construction, System Development and Implementation. His experience has seen him manage numerous large scale projects across multiple industries, successfully deploying cutting edge technologies and systems that have enabled the organisation to make significant improvements in efficiency and cost savings. His focus now lies in developing innovative business systems that continue to move the organisation forward into new areas of growth and development. Jeremy is passionate about technology and strives to ensure that all systems are implemented correctly, efficiently and securely. He believes that any successful project requires collaboration between stakeholders, which means he works closely with all project to achieve success. Jeremy’s dedication to his work is evident by his commitment to staying current with industry trends so he can continue to lead Box & Co Pty Ltd towards greater success.